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Healthcare / Ambulance Services

PatientCare EMS Solutions is a leading provider of ground-based 911 emergency ambulance services and other critical healthcare logistics solutions which has forged solid reputations in communities both large and small.

We provide our partners transparency into technology and data, so together we can deploy specialists and dispatch transportation in the most timely manner possible for more than 350,000 patients a year.

PatientCare EMS Solutions was established in March 2018 as Paramedics Logistics Operating Company, LLC with the acquisition by A&M Capital Partners, LP of Paramedics Plus, a ground-based 911 emergency ambulance and other critical healthcare services provider since 1998. Rebranded in 2018 as PatientCare EMS Solutions, we now operate under several local brands known throughout the United States. These brands include:

Contact Info: 

Jerry Johnson
101 W Water St
Carthage, MS 39051
Phone: 601.741.5055
Cell: 573.606.9792