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To: MAS Membership
From:Executive Director, Derrick Surrette
Date: 7/7/2017
Re: U.S. House to Vote Next Week 

House to Vote Next Week - Bigger Trucks Back in Play

Bigger-truck proponents are at it once again on Capitol Hill, with a vote expected next week in the House of Representatives. Please contact your Congressional Representative today and ask to speak to a transportation legislative assistant, requesting that your Member of Congress vote NO on heavier or longer (“Double 33s”) trucks. Please feel free to use this toll-free number that will quickly connect you to your Representatives’ Capitol Hill offices: (202) 225-3121.

The House Appropriations Committee will mark up the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) bill next week and amendments are expected to be offered that would (1) allow maximum truck weights to increase from 80,000 pounds to 91,000 pounds, and/or (2) require every state to allow longer double-trailer trucks that are 91 feet long, known as “Double 33s.” When you speak with your Representative’s office, you can tell them about your personal experience with bigger trucks, as well as any of the following facts:

 91,000-pound trucks have 47 percent higher crash rates in limited state testing (USDOT).
 Heavier trucks have significantly higher brake violation rates, which means they are over three times more likely to crash (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).
 Double 33s are more dangerous because they take 22 feet longer to stop (USDOT).
 Double 33s are 91 feet long and would make passing and merging more difficult.

 91,000-pound trucks would mean $1.1 billion in additional bridge costs, and Double 33s would mean another $1.1 billion in bridge costs (USDOT).
 Taxpayers would be stuck paying for the tremendous damage caused by heavier and longer trucks.
It is critical at this point to have as many community leaders as possible reaching out to Congress to let them know the public does not want bigger, more dangerous and more damaging trucks on our highways. Please call your Representative today.