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MASIT Trustee Meeting Agenda 7-31-2019

County governments are responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of public property.  Routine county government activities such as road maintenance, law enforcement, and jail operations expose counties to frequent and sometimes large liability claims.  Recognizing these risks, the Mississippi Association of Supervisors (MAS)  formed and administers a program of property and casualty self-insurance funds.  This program, the Mississippi Association of Supervisors Insurance Trust (MASIT), provides to Mississippi counties low cost but broad insurance coverage along with a range of risk management services.  MASIT provides all of this in the form of a nonprofit entity that is owned solely by its county members. In addition to upfront savings and member ownership,  surplus funds will be returned to  county government members in the form of dividends or premium reductions.  This program is run for and by county government and since its inception MASIT has saved counties, therefore taxpayers, in excess of $8.5 million in premiums.

Our mission is to be the insurance provider of choice for our county government family.


  • MASIT places coverage through local agents
  • MASIT pays competitive commissions
  • MASIT frequently offers counties better coverage at a lower price
  • MASIT supports county member association activities on behalf of counties
  • MASIT provides coverage tailored to county needs
  • MASIT competitively solicits partners at cost savings to county members
  • MASIT offers opportunity for member input into all aspects of program
  • MASIT is 100% owned by county members
  • MASIT offers actuary, appraisal, and loss control services to members at no extra cost
  • MASIT’s retained earnings build equity for county members
  • MASIT is amply reinsured to ensure financial stability
  • MASIT offers county members power of collective buying power

Top 10 Reasons to Join MASIT

#10. Property coverage is provided on a blanket basis-no need to update property lists throughout the year

#9. With claims handling unbundled from insurance coverage (as opposed to commercial insurance market) Trust can competitively bid for these services reducing costs to Trust members

#8. Increased buying power for Trust members due to collective purchasing of services and reinsurance products

#7. Appraisal services and loss control services provided free of charge

#6. Competitive and stable pricing

#5. Support your County, your State, and your Association

#4. Governing Board composed of county supervisors elected by Trust members

#3. 100% owned by member counties

#2. Broader coverage - including cyber risk and terrorism coverage

#1.The county will never overpay insurance premiums “again”!

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