Partner Spotlight

Gulf Guaranty Employee Benefits Service, Inc.

MAS is partners with Gulf Guaranty Employee Benefits Services, Inc., a Mississippi - domiciled Third Party Administrator (TPA) who provides competent and efficient claims administration to member counties. Gulf Guaranty's claims auditors each have over 10 year's experience. During the 2010 Regular Session, MAS and county governments successfully lobbied the Mississippi Legislature to amend Section 47-5-901, Miss. Code Ann. to restrict medical costs for inmates to the Mississippi Medicaid reimbursement rate. We now provide a service that can cap prescription drug claims at the medicaid rate due to our partnership with Gulf Guaranty and Citizens Rx. Since the inception of the Inmate Medical Program in 2014, participating counties have saved nearly $7 million on gross billed charges. That's money directly back to counties' budgets. Call Derrick Surrette today and ask how MAS and Gulf Guaranty can help your county find substantial savings.

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