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On Tuesday January 22nd, the Mississippi Transportation Commission awarded $213 million of the $250 million for local emergency infrastructure projects. These projects will repair or replace 200 county bridges severely restricting mobility, including 99 that are currently closed and another 91 that have posted weight restrictions. These projects were selected from a pool of applications totaling 690 applications. The total financial request of the 690 applications almost totaled $1 billion.

This is all thanks to your continous hard work. Talking to your legislators, attending Capitol Visits, PDD meetings all around the state, and much more is the reason locals received 85% of the money. The need was at the local level and you made this known all across the state. 

Click here for MDOT webpage for information on the Emergency Road and Bridge Repair Fund projects approved by MDOT:  Or visit their website at 

CLICK HERE to see the projects awarded by MDOT and the total amount given for each project.