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Saying Goodbye

A new year often brings changes, both personally and professionally.  Today I share with you the news that Leslie Scott, MAS General Counsel and Administrator of the MAS Insurance Trust (MASIT), will be retiring as of December 31 and moving to her mountain home in North Carolina.  I ask you to please join me in congratulating Leslie on a very successful career that includes many great accomplishments.  I appreciate the service Leslie has provided to MAS and our membership, and congratulate her on achieving an important goal in her life.  We will certainly miss her. 

Leslie’s legal skills and background in local government was vitally important in the development of MASIT.  Leslie and I have worked together for several years to build a MASIT team and a program that is capable of adjusting and withstanding staff transitions.  Thanks in large part to Leslie, our MASIT program is well organized and financially stable.  Our staff and partners are capable and dedicated.  We have grown from a startup to the largest insurance carrier for Mississippi counties in a very short amount of time.  And most importantly, our MASIT members and local agents have worked hand-in-hand with the MASIT program to develop strong working relationships, which has allowed us to adjust and improve our services to meet the needs of our counties.

Moving Forward

With Leslie’s departure comes the opportunity for some changes and additions.  Since Leslie gave notice of her plans, I have given a great deal of thought on the best staffing plan for MAS as we move forward. 

In addition to serving as MAS Executive Director, I will take over as the MASIT Administrator and be chiefly responsible for running the MASIT program.  Renada Skannal has been working closely with Leslie for over a year.  She will play an increased role in MASIT’s administration and will handle most of the day-to-day business of the program. 

Other additions to the staff will be announced soon, but rest assured that MAS will continue on its path to becoming a more member services-oriented organization.  My resolve to help Mississippi counties will continue to be paramount.  MAS continues to grow our existing programs and add new services with one goal in mind – to better serve our members.  


Best wishes,

Derrick Surrette
MAS Executive Director