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County supervisors provide regional leadership over critical policy areas, including policies necessary to ensure safe communities, protect public health, promote economic development, and plan and manage land use for sustainable development. Supervisors also provide important oversight of county operations, including overseeing strategies to promote sound fiscal management and to develop a high-quality county government workforce.

For more than 75 years, the Mississippi Association of Supervisors (MAS) has served as a non-partisan forum for county officials to address important issues facing local constituents, providing a mechanism to share information and to develop a proactive policy agenda.

MAS membership includes the 410 elected supervisors from Mississippi's 82 counties. The association's efforts are strengthened by the involvement of top-level county professional staff, who provide technical expertise necessary to inform policy discussions.

The MAS is served by a professional staff dedicated to helping the MAS achieve its ultimate goal of providing efficient and effective governance to the citizens of the State of Mississippi.

The Purpose of MAS

The purpose of the Association is to advertise and bring into favorable notice the opportunities of the various counties of the State; to promote the interest and general welfare of the State; to interchange ideas and to develop, as far as practicable, a uniform system of county government throughout the State; to maintain a Statewide agency for the purpose of advancing the moral, financial, and general welfare of the State, and the counties of the State; and to create and promote a feeling of fellowship, sympathy, and understanding among and between the counties and the people of the State of Mississippi. The Association shall be non-political.

Amended Bylaws of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors