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Professional Services/Trades/Suppliers, Other: Manufacturer

Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions, Inc., an Ergon company, is based in Jackson, MS, and operates as an asphalt and emulsion producer and marketer throughout the United States.  The company specializes in the development of engineered pavement technology including its e-Series family of pavement preservation and maintenance products.  As a leading resource in the asphalt industry, Ergon A&E also provides education on best practices for pavement preservation and preventive maintenance through to help customers maintain structurally sound roadway networks, while optimizing their available budget and road maintenance initiatives.

Contact Info: 

Amy L. Walker, Julie Alverson
PO Box 1639
Jackson, MS 39215-1639
Phone: 601.933.3000
Cell: 601.497.7278
Fax: 601.933.3363